About Us

CMT Transportation LLC was established in 2005. The company was headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota until December of 2015 when the company was purchased by Mike Holland and Nick Graves. At the time of the acquisition, the company was then moved to Mapleton, North Dakota where the company resides today.

Mike Holland grew up in the trucking industry. Mike’s father has been a long-haul trucker since Mike was born. His father had always operated a small fleet of trucks while Mike grew up. In 1993, Mike’s father Robert Holland started Great Plains Transport (GPT). GPT is a refrigerated trucking company with over 140 tractors today. Mike worked for his father growing up and spent many hours helping Robert work on trucks. After Mike finished college and spent some time in the sales industry, he came back to work for his father. Mike took over the role as President of GPT in 2011. Upon the purchase of CMT Transportation, Mike become the Vice-President.

Nick Graves also grew up in the trucking industry. His mother dispatched since he was four years old and still dispatches to this day. His Dad was a driver for twenty years before transitioning to a safety role within the transportation industry. Nick’s wife also has over 10 years of experience and is still in the transportation industry as well. Nick spent time serving in the United States Air Force before completing his Accounting degree. After a career in accounting the opportunity presented itself to work for CMT Transportation as their CFO. Nick now serves as the President of CMT Transportation.

CMT Transportation operates more than 100 trucks and trailers. We are a driver focused company and feel that we have some the industry’s best. Our skilled drivers take pride in making sure they get your product delivered in a safe and timely manner. Our operations staff is highly trained and works on creating and cultivating long lasting relationships with our customers, drivers, and vendors.